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Westminster MP database after UK Election 2019

The new Westminster MP database will be made available on Thursday 19 December 2019.

Not all MPs have an email address yet

Not all new MPs have been given an email address yet. These MPs will be in the database, but if a supporter tried to email them, it will not reach them.

We do not want to use their old candidate email addresses, as these are often personal addresses and unsuitable for actions targeting elected representatives.

To manage this, we have used the Biography 2 column with a value of N to denote MPs without an active email address. We would recommend adding a Redirect and Filter to explain this to supporters, should they live in one of those constituencies. 

  1. Create a static page explaining to supporters that their MP does not have a valid email address yet
  2. In your MP email-to-target action, in the toolbar add a Processing rule > Redirect and filter, with [If the database returns a value] OF [Biography 2] [That is equal to] [N] THEN [Redirect to page] [Page 1] [Your static page]

As data comes in, we will quickly update the MP database so the supporters see the target message instead.

Which MPs don’t have an email address?

There are 2 MPs without a valid email address:

  • Julian Lewis, New Forest East
  • Michael Fabricant, Lichfield


Updated on January 27, 2020

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