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Recent software updates

We are continually adding new features to the software. The most recent was 14 Jun 2019. For further details on each of our updates, see the link to release notes in the related articles section on the right sidebar.


We released a hotfix on 17 Jun to fix two issues from the 14 Jun release:

  • We had some reports that when using Paypal as a secondary gateway that the payments were failing. This has been resolved 
  • Exporting transaction advocacy data via the query builder resulted in an empty export. This did not cause any issues with the Export API. This has been resolved 

We released a further hotfix on 19 Jun to fix an issue with email to target pages using editable areas. The message was being removed in certain circumstances. This has been resolved.

What we’re working on…

We are working on our next release, scheduled for the autumn. More information when we get it will be displayed here.

Important notices

Legacy software

The ability to create or duplicate legacy pages has been removed from the software. All pages should be created in the page-builder tools from now on.

After 18 January 2018 you will no longer be able to edit legacy pages. However, you can still preview them and close and redirect them. The pages will still work for a short while. However, it is important to close any remaining live pages as soon as possible otherwise they will fail should a supporter visit that URL.

Legacy triggers have been turned off.

Tweet to target pages

We are aware of some issues with tweet-to-target pages that you should be aware of when creating them. First, it is important to not put your target block on Page 1, otherwise it may not record the transaction in the software. Second, redirect and filters are not working for biography fields such as party. We are looking into these issues and will give updates soon.

Payment Gateway updates

Following a Visa and MasterCard mandate for payment processors, we will now store an additional id for the transaction id. For clients using Worldpay, you will note a change in the gateway transaction ID (campaign data 2) in your Engaging Network’s Transactional Data, post this release. Worldpay transaction IDs moving forward will have 2 parts to them (paymentToken__networkTransactionId).

The ‘3D Secure’ payment flow is now supported, through the PaySafe gateway. If you are interested in applying this for card processing feature, please reach out to support.

TLS 1.0 deprication

Engaging Networks disabled TLS 1.0 on 1st June 2018. If you and your supporters are using modern browsers, you do not need to do anything. For more information, click here.

Opt-in auditing

To help you with GDPR compliance, particularly in relation to “keeping evidence of consent”, you can now expose what the specific wording of an opt-in question(s) was when a supporter provided their consent to be contacted by you as part of the April 2018 release. You’ll find this data in the ‘Lookup supporters’ area (in ‘Data & Reports’).

However, in order to start exposing this wording, you will need to go to a form block in page-builder and go to the ‘Opt-ins’ tab. If you click on the ‘Manage Opt-ins’ button, you will see a row for each opt-in question that you’ve set up in your account. If you click on the pencil icon for the relevant opt-in question, you’ll just need to re-save the content for it to be displayed. Any future edits to the content of an opt-in question will update what is stored automatically.

You’ll also see a new ‘three dots’ icon next to the pencil. If you click on this, you will see details of all updates made to the specific opt-in question over time, including when the change was made, by which user and what the change was. If you don’t re-save your opt in question(s), no initial audit trail will be shown.

Now you’ve re-saved (or updated) your opt-in question(s) text, when you go to ‘Lookup supporters’ and find a supporter based on their email address, you will see the opt in statement exposed, as a ‘QCB’ transaction type, in the ‘Transaction History’ gadget.

Supportal pages to check out

Here are some recently created (or updated) pages in the Supportal that you may have missed:

Latest Webinars

Our team publish regular webinars on new features and best practice. You can watch the latest webinars here


If you need further assistance, please contact support

Updated on June 20, 2019

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