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Salesforce Connector Version 2 – Sync Settings

The settings area, inside Engaging Networks, offers configuration options for the push and pull operations.

When contact data comes from Salesforce, if the field value is blank, then clear the field in Engaging Networks

When Contacts are pulled, if a field on the Contact is empty then clear the value in Engaging Networks for the supporter.

A use case that should be taken into consideration are new Contacts, being created in Salesforce, with Engaging Networks already holding data on those supporters.

Working with key stakeholders to have both systems be as close to each other, prior to launch, should reduce these types of errors. Defining user flows between teams will also address how your organization will be working with both systems.

Respect “EN Account ID” on the Contact record

This setting’s primary design is to help clients who are running multiple EN accounts into one Salesforce org.

When Contacts are pulled, the Engaging Networks will only pull Contacts whose engaging__Account_Id__c matches the client Id.

This has no relationship with the Account object or householding and for most integrations, will likely be unchecked.

Sync Contact data to Salesforce

Start the hourly job to push supporters to Contacts

Sync Contact data from Salesforce

Start the hourly job to pull Contacts. By default all modified Contacts will be pulled.

‘Exclude’ filter

There is an optional ‘Exclude’ filter, if there is a requirement to not have Engaging Networks pull all Contacts.

Sync Transaction data to Salesforce

Will enable the daily transaction sync to push supporter actions to Engaging Networks Staging Records

Updated on September 4, 2020

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