Salesforce Connector Overview

New Salesforce Connector

The new Salesforce Connector launches in Release 3.58 in June 2020. Further technical documentation will soon be available.

The new connector allows for quicker and simpler implementation, without losing the flexibility to tailor according to your organization’s specific Salesforce instance.

To see a full preview, watch a demo from the ENCC UK conference below:

Key Features

  • Designed for NPSP and customizable for other Salesforce editions
  • Intuitive console to manage integration settings directly in Engaging Networks
  • Out-of-the-box mapping and matching rules, reducing need to custom coding or additional developer work
  • Automatically sync contacts, opportunities, and custom fields as intended, with one or two-way workflows

Salesforce Connect Wizard

How to Get Started

If interested in using the new Salesforce connector, please contact your Engaging Networks account lead. Setup and management is simple once available on your account and will help walk you through next steps:

  1. Connect your Salesforce instance
  2. Map contacts
  3. Set workflow rules
  4. Map transactions
  5. Update your sync settings

Salesforce Mappings


Q: If I’m a client currently on the existing Salesforce connector, do I need to upgrade?

A: No, no action is needed if already set up with an existing integration.

Q: Will Salesforce campaigns connect all supporter data? 

A: Yes, campaigns will pull in all transaction data as mapped, to give a full picture of supporter activity (i.e. donations and advocacy actions).

Q: Is the connector available in the App Exchange?

A: The connector is currently being reviewed for the App Exchange but is available for immediate use after the June 2020 release.

Updated on June 15, 2020

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