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Release Notes September 2021

Release 4.1.0 deployed on September 12, 2021, alongside the completion of the migration to the new AWS environment. For more details on the migration, please refer to this page and contact Support with any questions.

Release Overview

Improvements and Alerts

Page Builder

iframes: Pages that are using iframe to render will need to have the setting below enabled to be hosted on a third party page. This is in response to modern browsers supporting the new ‘Content Security Policy’ and that PCI compliance scans now look for these headers.

By default, if the setting is not selected, the SAMEORIGIN header will be set to protect content from being embedded. Additionally, the ‘frame-ancestors’ header is now included and set to ‘self.’

X-Frame Options: SAMEORIGIN

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors ‘self’

When the setting is enabled, the allowed domain will need to be specified as the ‘frame-ancestors’ Content-Security-Policy header of ‘self,’ and the domain will be included in the response.

iframe add

For more information on the setting, click here.

Address fields: An account setting is now available to identify if supporter address values should be updated, even when blank. For example, without the setting, when a supporter submits a new address without an Address 2 field, the previous Address 2 field would be retained. With the setting, the new blank value in Address 2 would clear the previous Address 2 field when made available to submit on the page.

Dependencies: A warning layer has been added to ask to check dependencies if fields are removed from the page or if there are invalid fields included in the dependency. This occurs on either removing an individual field on the Form Block or when hitting ‘Done’, on the page level.


The political email broadcast tools will now be available in the current UI for both data centers and no longer available from legacy tools. For the Toronto server, the political data mapping tools will also now be available in the current UI (the U.S. was ported over with the first AWS migration). These are available via Data & Reports -> Political Tools.

political tools database mapping

Payment Gateways

The Payflow Pro gateway now offers an ACH option to use on donation pages.

For PayPal transactions, currency conversion will no longer run on pending transactions.

Email Builder

Email queries stored for up to a year will now be visible, rather than up to 6 months.

Facebook Lead Generation

In the Facebook lead generation sync, the subscribe/unsubscribe call has been moved to enable after the initial settings have been selected and saved. The field mapping  settings will not be alterable while the lead form is in the subscribed state.

Receipt Inventory Log

In the CSV export for the receipt inventory log, the following fields have been added:

  • Type (Single, Recurring Initial, or Recurring Subsequent)
  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction ID
  • Parent Transaction ID
  • Email Address

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

Page Builder

When removing fields from a shared component form block, selecting ‘cancel’ did not prevent the field from being removed from the associated pages. This has been corrected, so removal of fields will only apply to linked pages on ‘save’ as intended.


When setting up multiple custom thank you emails (autoresponders) for a donation page, the priority was reverting back to send the default message. This has been resolved.

Payment Gateways – Stripe

An API issue with Stripe Google Pay was preventing the processed transaction amount to correctly match the amount submitted, unless the fee cover option was selected. This has been resolved.


The bank account fields have been updated to align with the transaction object in the ENS Rest API. They will continue to process within the supporter object as well.


When sending reminder emails through Event autoresponders, refunding an event ticket did not cancel reminder emails for that event. This has been fixed.

Manage Supporters

The Transaction History Gadget csv download has been updated to properly align all supporter columns. 

Supporter Hub

In the ROI gadget for the Supporter Hub, the credit card expiration year has been updated on the UI to require 4 digits, rather than 2, for the API pull.

Salesforce Connector

In managing Salesforce campaigns via page admin settings, an overlay interference in Firefox has been corrected in the UI.


Hotfix 4.1.1 deployed on September 13, 2021 to resolve the following items.

Page Builder

  • Externally hosted CSS files were causing visual display issues when editing pages in Page Builder. This has been fixed.
  • iFramed widget counters were not displaying using our embed code. This has been resolved.


  • There was an underlying issue preventing P2P pages from loading. This has been corrected.

Hotfix 4.1.2 deployed on September 15, 2021 to resolve the following items.

Query Builder

  • User Data Export in the Query Builder UDX was shifted one column to the right, causing data not to align with headers. This has been fixed.


  • When building an ETT, you could not have the target letters as HTML if the target letter was on page one. This has been resolved.
  • There were some deprecated political databases that were available to be selected. These have been removed.
Updated on September 16, 2021

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