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Marketing Automation workflow – conditions

Conditions are decision boxes that allow you to determine whether a support should continue in your marketing automation’s workflow depending on how they reacted to a previous email. Decisions can also be used to branch the journey so that if a supporter acts in certain ways they can get sent different content via a different branch.

Conditions are evaluated after a Wait box.

Adding a condition

To add a condition to your journey, drag a green Decision box after a Wait box. You’ll see that the grey arrow will connect if you drag the box near a Wait box:

Conditions can only be placed after Wait boxes

Setting the condition

Click the edit icon on the box to set the condition.

There are seven different conditions to choose from, in order of priority. The conditions are checked after the time given by the previous Wait box. At this point the automation will determine which supporters continue down which branch.

The conditions are shown in order of priority, with the highest priority at the top of the list:

  1. Recurring Donation complete – a recurring donation was made (via a link within the email)
  2. Donation complete – a donation (recurring or one-off) was made (via a link within the email)
  3. Supporter Field – the supporter field condition(s) you set are true. You can set more than one condition, but all of them will need to be true. Note that this can only evaluate on supporter fields, not questions
  4. Page converted – the supporter took action (advocacy or donation page) via a link within the email
  5. Email clicked – a link within the email was clicked
  6. Email opened – the email was opened
  7. Email sent (unopened) – the email was sent but was not opened
The conditions act as “fallbacks”, so the lower conditions will pick up supporters that did not match the conditions listed above. That means that “Email sent (unopened)” will pick up supporters that did not match any other condition.

Multiple conditions

Due to this prioritisation, if you have two conditions, one Donation Complete, and one Email Opened, then donors will go down the donation complete route and not the email opened, even though they will have opened the email to donate.

If a supporter does not meet any of the conditions, then they will be removed from the automation.

If you wish to have a “fallback” condition that fires if none of the other conditions are met, then use an “Email sent (unopened)” condition like this:

In this case the supporter will go down the top branch if they convert, and the other branch if they click, open or just receive the email, since in all these fallback cases the email was sent.

Here’s another example – in this case the email will only be sent if they do not open the email:

In this further example, the only if condition is “donation complete”. Therefore after the Wait expires, any supporters that did not complete the donation (even if they clicked the link) would leave the automation since they are not captured by any condition.


Updated on July 8, 2019

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