Legacy tools

The legacy tools holds the old Engaging Networks software that used to be used to create advocacy and fundraising pages, and broadcast emails. It has now been almost entirely upgraded to page-builder and its related tools.

However, there may be times when you need to go into the legacy tools.

To access the legacy tools, click on the Legacy tools link at the top of the page. To return to the current software, click on the new dashboard link.

Viewing and redirecting legacy pages

Clients that have been around since the legacy days may have pages that were created with the legacy tools. To view these pages, click on the legacy tools link and then either the View Advocacy Pages (for petitions, sign up pages and so on) or View Fundraising Pages link (for donation pages).

You will see a list of the pages in that section.

The blue bands are the folders, which you can click to expand. The rows with orange writing are the pages. From 18 January 2019, these pages can no longer be edited. However, you can do the following:

  • Click the Admin “Cog” icon. From here, you can enter a new URL to redirect the page to (include the https:// at the start). Clicking the confirmation button will Close and redirect the page
  • Click the Design “Page” icon. This will allow you to preview the page to remind you what content was on the page

Political tools

The political tools are still accessed via the Legacy tools link, and the Political button at the top. This includes the data mapping tool to map target data to your supporter record. For more on Political tools, click here.

Reference data

Reference data, which is used with email-to-target pages, is accessed via Legacy tools > Political > data > Manage Reference Data. For more on reference data, click here.

Updated on May 29, 2019

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