Approving domains for iframes

Before you can embed your Engaging Networks page into an iframe on your site, you should also enable the ‘Allow page to be hosted in iframe on third party page’ feature in the page settings. This setting provides additional security as it puts restrictions on where the page can be embedded.

Enabling this feature

To do this, click on the Admin icon for the page . This will bring up the Admin page. Select ‘Settings’, where you will see a section called Iframes.

If you want to allow a page to be hosted in an iframe on a third-party page, you will need to provide the domain where it will be embedded. This will likely be your main domain, so for example if your website address is, the domain will be the same.

Note that after 18th January 2019, only pages that have this feature enabled will be possible to be embedded in iframes. If you already have pages that are running as iframes make sure that you re-visit the admin panel to check that this is enabled – and remember to add the correct domain.

Be sure to test your iframed pages display properly.

Embedding pages in iframes

To actually embed your pages as iframes on another website, click here for more.

Updated on April 30, 2021

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