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Deleting supporters from your account

If you have unwanted supporter data in your account, follow these simple steps to delete the data.

Be careful!

Remember that deleting supporters cannot be undone

Before deleting…

  • If you haven’t already, prepare a spreadsheet for deletion
  • This is an irreversible process. We cannot “rollback” deletions. Please be absolutely sure you wish to delete the supporters and their transactions
  • Display widgets will not be able to de-duplicate against deleted supporters. Therefore, if you are reporting on unique participations, it will count a supporter again if they were previously deleted and take action subsequently
  • Deleting supporters will stop any recurring transactions they have from continuing to process 

If you decide to delete supporter data you’ll also remove the supporter’s association with any campaign (i.e. their transactions) including recurring transactions, and any question they have answered including opt-ins. So if you see a drop in action numbers in supporter export then this is why. If you wish to keep this data you need to export each campaign and question, not just their user data. The visual reporting or display widgets will not change their numbers. Please be completely sure that you want to delete the data before continuing

Deleting supporters

Once you have prepared your spreadsheet and then uploaded it in Data & reports > Delete, you will see something like this on the page:

When you are ready to delete these supporters, click on OK and the software will process your spreadsheet. It wil run as a job – you can see the status of the deletion in the job monitor. Once it is complete, you can download a summary file. If it was fully successful it will read:

All supporters were successfully deleted except the following which were not found:


If any email addresses weren’t deleted, you’ll see them listed in this file. Generally this means that the software couldn’t find these addresses to delete or they were incorrectly formatted. If this is case, note them down, tidy them up in a new spreadsheet, and try the process again.

It is recommended to delete 100,000 supporters or less at a time

Updated on July 15, 2021

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