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Deleting supporters – file preparation

If you have unwanted supporter data in your account, follow these simple steps to prepare a spreadsheet that you can use to remove these data.

If you decide to delete supporter data you’ll also remove the supporters’ association with any campaign that they may have taken part in or question they have answered, so if you see a drop in action numbers this is why. Please be completely sure that you want to delete the data before continuing. This process cannot be rolled back.

Prepare a CSV file containing the email addresses that you would like to delete from your account. The software will delete all of the user data and any campaign or question response data associated with the email address, and your spreadsheet needs to contain email addresses only.

Data formatting guidelines

  • The spreadsheet should have one column only, containing the email addresses for the supporters you want to delete.

  • Don’t include a ‘header row’ – the spreadsheet needs only to contain the email addresses.

  • Each cell should contain only one email address.

  • Make sure the data are clean and accurate – if the software can’t match the email address, it won’t delete it.

  • Don’t include any tables or formatting in the spreadsheet, just add the email addresses.

  • Your spreadsheet needs to be saved in a .csv format with UTF-8 encoding (Notepad or Sublime Text are free programs that can do this for you)

Here’s an example file:

When your spreadsheet is ready and saved to your computer, go to Data & reports > Delete. Find your file and then click ‘Upload file’ to continue.

To complete the process, read this help page.

Updated on May 29, 2019

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