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Contact databases (post code target databases)

This document provides instructions on the databases available to use in your email-to-target, tweet-to-target or click-to-call campaigns. These databases will usually return the relevant contact, or contacts, based on an entered postcode.

Selecting a database

Selecting a target database, or databases, for your campaign can be done in the Admin page of your campaign (the Target Settings panel), which can be accessed via the settings icon .

Available databases

What databases you have available depends on your contract. If you wish add more, please contact us.


Database can also be used with a tweet-to-target campaign
Database can also be used with a click-to-call campaign
Database can be used for data mapping (UK / North America)

In the UK

National government
  • Westminster MPs
    There is an England-only MP variant of this database available
  • MSP/MS/MLA/England MP
    This includes members of devolved parliaments, plus MPs for England.

    There are also two variants available: MSP constituency only & MSP region.
    We will be launching a Scottish parliament candidate database

  • House of Lords
    Does not look up by postcode. Instead a randomiser can be used to choose one to target. Contact Support for more information
  • MSP Candidate database and MS candidate database
    We are adding candidate databases for Scottish and Welsh devolved parliament elections in 2021. We will not be adding candidate databases for councillor elections
Local government
  • Councillors – Upper Tier
    For postcodes that have a two-tier council this will return their county councillors. For single-tier it will return their borough, unitary or district councillors
  • District/Unitary Authority Councillors
    For postcodes that have a two-tier council, this will return their unitary or district councillors
  • County Councillors
    This will only return county councillors, so doesn’t cover the whole of the UK
  • District/Unitary/Borough Council leaders
  • County Council Leaders
    England Counties only are included in this database. If no target is found, then the contact “No County Council for this area” is returned which you can redirect on
Election candidate databases

See this article for more information

  • Local newspapers – letters to the editor
  • Health and Wellbeing Board Chairs
    England only
  • Police Commissioners
  • London Assembly members
  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Chairs 
    Variants include England only OR England and their equivalents in Northern Ireland (Health and Social Care Trusts), and Scotland and Wales (Health Boards)
  • Directors of Children’s Services
    England, Scotland and Wales
  • Adult Services (Councillors)
  • Council Health Leads
  • Mental Health Trusts CEOs
  • NHS Trusts CEOs
  • Cancer Alliances Chairs England only
Special lookup databases
  • Council Areas Lookup
    County only & District/Unitary only
  • District Council Ward Lookup
  • London Ward Mapping
  • UK Region Lookup
    Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, various English regions

In Germany

  • Bundestag Members
  • German MEPs

In Europe

  • MEP All Europe
    This database does not use postcode lookup. Contact support if you wish to use this database

In Canada

In English
  • Federal MPs (English)
  • Provincial MLA/MPP (English)
  • Toronto City Councillors
In French
  • Federal MPs (French)
  • Provincial MLA/MPP (French)

In Australia

  • Federal MPs
  • State Parliament
  • Senate

In the USA

  • US House of Representatives
  • US Senators
  • State Governors
  • State Legislature House
  • State Legislature Senate
  • County Officials
  • Municipality Officials
  • New York City Council
  • Attorneys General
  • Washington DC Councillors
  • Mayors

Downloading data from target databases

You cannot download contact data, such as email addresses, for target databases. By using the reference data functionality, you are able to download limited information. 

Updated on December 23, 2020

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